Hardwood Hardwood Flooring are a Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales based company – We are not part of the construction industry.

But! How ever’ we do recommend tried and trusted installation companies to our clients. When you come to us we offer site surveys free of charge within 30 miles of Winchester.

Our estimates will include all the materials we think you will need for your project and all the items will be listed individually making everything transparent, clear!

If you would like the fitting priced we are happy to do so based on contract rates our recommended fitters work on. This will be estimated by us on their behalf but we make it absolutely clear these fitters if you choose to use them are working for you directly.

We are happy to lease between the fitters and our clients as this often makes things easier. We have access to their diaries and can help with scheduling. Our part is purely done as a good will gesture. We trust these companies and from us they come highly recommended but we accept no responsibility for the work they do for you.

It is in all our best interest for you to have good products and good people to fit them. Our fitting estimate can be used as a good bench mark to compare if you have your own fitters. We take no offense if you do not use our recommended fitters following us estimating and are willing to give any technical advise you fitters may require.

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